Should you buy a boat?

Some tips from an expert

Is buying a boat the best choice for you?

The swaying palms, the bright sunshine, the abundance of waterways. There are many benefits of living in Florida, particularly when you live near the coast.

Of course, no one can fully appreciate Florida living without spending time ample outdoors and, more specifically, out on the surrounding waterways.

But just because you love boating does not mean you have to love being a boat owner. In fact, more and more lifelong boaters are learning the numerous benefits of joining a boat club.

Is owning a boat the right decision for you, or could you benefit from joining a club instead? Let’s take a look at the most important factors:

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Understand how much it costs to maintain a boat

Compare the cost of boat ownership vs. boat club membership prices.

This Blog discusses joining a club or buying a boat, which is better for you.

A helpful document to help you decide if you should buy a boat.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what the experts say about buying a boat.

Boat Captain

The good and bad of owning a boat, as told from seasoned boat captains.